Goderich Minor Soccer Club

Coaches Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct establishes a clear set of guidelines for parents/guardians. Its primary goal is to help ensure that soccer is a fun, positive and enjoyable experience. Our Code of Conduct is based on the concept of fair play, defined by four basic principles:

  • Respect for the rules
  • Respect for the referees and their decisions
  • Respect for all participants, including teammates, coaches and opponents
  • Maintaining self -control at all times

It is a condition of continuing Club membership that all participants understand and follow this Code of Conduct when participating in any Club activity. Please keep this Code of Conduct as a reference.

Coach Code of Conduct

  • I will remember that players play to have fun and must be encouraged to have confidence in themselves.
  • I will remember that participants need a coach they can respect. I will be generous with praise and set a good example.
  • I will ensure that all my players receive equal instruction and support.
  • I will adhere to the Club Coaching Guidelines. (For more information see Goderich MSC website)
  • I will teach my players to play fairly and to respect the rules, referees and our opponents.
  • At all times I will respect parents, players and game officials.
  • I will work in cooperation with referees for the benefit of the game.
  • I will ensure feedback regarding the performance of a referee is address by the team coach with the Head Referee only.
  • I will be selective in the amount of instructions I give players during the game. I will let the players play.
  • I will make sure that equipment/facilities are safe and match the players' ages and abilities.
  • I will be reasonable when re-scheduling games and practices, remembering that the players and their families have other obligations.
  • I will be on time and prepared for games and practices.
  • I will obtain proper training and upgrade my coaching skills and knowledge of the game, according to the standards of the Ontario Soccer and/or the Club.
  • I will inform parents/guardians of any injuries their son/daughter may have suffered.
  • I will dress appropriately at all games and practices, so that I present a professional image and can be easily identified.
  • I will ensure that my team, their parents and fans, understand that the team may be penalized for their inappropriate behaviour.
  • I will understand and follow the Zero Tolerance Policy listed further down on page
  • I will adhere to the Social Media Guidelines at the end of the page

Resolving Problems

If you are upset, we recommend you wait 24 hours and then determine if you wish to further pursue an issue. If so, talk to your coach privately. If you are unable to obtain satisfaction, please contact our Head Coach.

Zero Tolerance Policy - Officials

Goderich Minor Soccer Club is a strong supporter of making sport safe for our youth.  Goderich MSC supports the following program to help ensure the safety and enjoyment of soccer for all.


Any coach, parent, grandparent or guardian judged by the Discipline Board to be guilty of abusive conduct toward a referee during a Club’s House League game will be reprimanded in writing and subject to policies and procedures as outlined in the OS Discipline Guidelines. A second conviction, during the same season will result in the member being restricted from all services rendered by the Club including attendance at all soccer activities within the Club. In extreme cases, as determined by the Discipline Board, a member may be reinstated subject to a review hearing.

Policy Procedures

When a referee feels that they are being abused, as per the scope of this policy, by either a coach or supporter, the referee is allowed to suspend the playing of the game. If the abuse is physical, the game official is advised to inform the coaches that the game has been abandoned and then proceed with step 1.

The Referee will then verbally advise both coaches that the game has been stopped due to the abuse and inform both coaches as to the source of the abuse.  If the source is one of the coaches, the referee will advise the coach that the next occurrence of a similar nature will result in an abandonment of the game and that a report to the Club’s Discipline Board will be sent in for review.  If the source is a supporter, the appropriate coach will provide the referee with the name of the supporter and the coach must advise the fan that the next occurrence of a similar nature will result in abandonment of the game. A report to the Club’s Discipline Board will be sent in for review.  If the supporter is not associated with either team, both coaches are asked to speak to the supporter and ask the individual to leave.

Once the prescribed action has been completed, the game will restart with a dropped ball between the two teams at the location where the play was stopped. If the abuse continues, the referee will be allowed to stop any further playing of the game and advise the coaches that the game has been abandoned and that a Special Incident Report will be forwarded to the Club’s Discipline Board.

The official must clearly indicate on the game sheet that the game was abandoned due to abuse and if abandoned:

1.     The game official must contact either their Referee Coordinator or a member of the Executive to verbally report the incident within 24 hours.

2.     A Special Incident Report, with the assistance of the Referee Coordinator or a member of the Executive, if required, must then be forwarded to the Club within 72 hours.

3.     The Club’s Discipline Board will then review and deal with the report as per their guidelines.

4.     If the game was abandoned due to the conduct of a fan not associated with either team, the Executive will determine the status of the game.

Note: In the case where the alleged abuse is of a physical nature the referee should contact the local police service and file a complaint.

Social Media Guidelines

This policy governs the publication of and commentary on social media by players, coaches, referees, and Members of the Goderich Minor Soccer Club. For the purposes of this policy, social media means any facility for online publication and commentary, including without limitation blogs, wiki's, social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube. This policy is in addition to and complements any existing or future policies regarding the use of technology, computers, e-mail and the internet.

Goderich Minor Soccer Club acknowledges that Cyber bullying is becoming a significant threat to the safety and wellbeing of a whole generation of young people in our sporting community and beyond.

Cyber bullying involves harassment, insults and humiliation via technology such as email, mobile phones, social networking sites, instant messaging programs, chat rooms and websites.

The use of social media to taunt, threaten, or bully any player, coach, official, or spectator is strictly prohibited. Violation of these Social Media Guidelines, Code of Conduct of House League Bylaws or the OS Harassment Policy will be subject to disciplinary action as determined by Goderich MSC’s Executive Board Disciplinary Committee and these actions will have the same consequences as if they happened on the field of play.

The following are examples of conduct through social media and networking mediums that are considered violations of the Goderich MSC’s policies and may be subject to disciplinary action. This is not an exhaustive list:

  • Any statement deemed to be publicly critical of Goderich MSC officials or detrimental to the welfare of a member team, the club or an individual.
  • Negative or derogatory comments about any of the match officials.
  • Any form of bullying, harassment or threats against players or officials.
  • Photographs, videos or comments promoting negative influences or criminal behavior, including but not limited to: drug use, alcohol abuse, public intoxication, hazing, sexual exploitation, etc.
  • Online activity that contradicts the current policies of the Goderich MSC or any of its member Associations.
  • Inappropriate, derogatory, racist, or sexist comments of any kind.
  • Online activity that is meant to alarm other individuals or to misrepresent fact or truth.


The Goderich MSC Executive Board Discipline Committee will investigate reported violation(s) of this policy as per OS Discipline Report procedures. If the investigation determines that a violation has occurred, discipline will be administered according to OS Discipline Guidelines.

Policy Procedures

If you as an official, a player, a coach or a Goderich MSC Member feel you are being abused, harassed or bullied via Social Media.  Please submit a formal report to the discipline committee using the following email address:  discipline@goderichminorsoccer.ca

This report should proceed as soon as you think there is an issue.   Do not wait hoping it will stop.

Your report should contain details of what the complaint is, when the issue happened and the name of the person the complaint is about.  Please include as much detail as possible including screen captures that highlight the reason for the complaint.

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